and Zamak
Die Casting

Since 1965

Experts in Die casting

More than 40 years of experience in aluminum and Zamak injection molding

Aluminum Die Casting

Wide variety of alloys for multiple sectors


Zamak Die Casting

High precision guaranteeing a long mold life

3D Metal Printing

Additive manufacturing of metal parts in 3D
with Laser Powder Bed Fusion technology

Metal printing

Functional parts without the need for a mold

Fundesko finishes

Delivery of polished, vibrated or shot-blasted parts, as well as various painting or electrolytic coating processes


Shot blasting



Comcast Trading S.L.

Integral solution

Fundesko offers a global solution of the complete production process to deliver completely finished pieces. In addition to the injected aluminum and Zamak casting, we have the machinery to give all kinds of finishes to the manufactured parts such as vibrating, shot blasting and polishing, as well as placing them in special assemblies and with specific surface finishes in each case.

4 sections, 10,000 m2

We have more than 10,000 m2 divided into 4 fully specialized and properly interconnected divisions that allow us to provide a complete service.

ALUMINUM INJECTION, with machines of between 220 and 1,600 tons that allow us to manufacture parts weighing up to 9 kg.

ZAMAK INJECTION, with machines up to 125 tons with a production capacity of parts weighing up to 2.5 kg.

MACHINING SECTION, to perform different operations on parts such as threading, drilling, etc.

FINISHES SECTION, with vibrators, shot blasting machines, drying ovens, polishing, etc.